Scope of the workshop

The NFS facility (Neutrons for Science) is a part of the new GANIL-SPIRAL-2 complex. It will deliver a neutron beam with unprecedented intensities in the energy range between 1 and 40 MeV. This facility, the first operational experimental area of SPIRAL-2, will be a very powerful tool for fundamental and applied physics in the study of reactions induced by beams of fast neutrons, protons and deuterons.

This workshop will be the opportunity to make a detailed description of all the components of the facility, to review the status of the preparation of the first detectors and experiments, to look for new experimental opportunities, and to visit the facility. The goal of the workshop is twofold: to inform the users about the NFS status, and to extend the NFS user community to other potentially interested groups. A limited number of presentation slots are still free for such groups, who are invited to contact the organizers for a possible presentation on experiments that could be performed at NFS. Details on the procedures for submitting proposals for NFS will be discussed as well.


Organizing Committee:

G. Bélier
P. Dessagne
D. Doré
U. Fischer
M O Frégeau
F. Gunsing
X. Ledoux
J. Mrazek
O. Sérot
S. Pomp



November, 1st 2017

Online user: 1